Nokia X3 Touch Features

This is a worldwide GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone; it can be worn with AT&T's 3G & T-Mobile USA's 2G network.


Nokia X3 Touch & Type (furthermore, familiar as the Nokia X3-02) is single of individual’s phones that won't break the bank, at the same might be inert blow your mind. Why, you ask over, may such an easy looking phone make me prevent in my tracks? With the name being hinted of what's so unique about it, the Nokia X3 Touch & Type couples a strange 4x4 key keyboard with a 2.4" resistive touch screen & Wi-Fi all in a candy bar form-factor & at a pretty budget price.

Actually, the Nokia X3-02 is a thin, measure in at 9.6 mm thick & weighing 78g. It will fit keen on any pocket or purse. We truly have to credit Nokia on the design of several fewer premium phones we've reviewed recently. Although a typically plastic body, the Nokia X3-02 still impress with a build that make an announcement, & a quality that leaves us feeling convinced the phone will very last.
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You can measure up to the Nokia X3-02 with several other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The screen is at ease for the purpose size at 2.4," & with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, delivers a customary viewing occurrence for an S40 phone. As a resistive screen the Nokia X3_02's doesn't have the one and the same smooth feel as the screens on new higher-end Nokia phones & look fiercely in bright light isn't fantastic. The other irritating thing about S40 is short of brightness control. Even so, overall, the screen is completely usable, & we initiate it to be among the more alert resistive touch screens we've used.

The Nokia X3 Touch & Type has 2.4" resistive touch screen

Top of the phone is the widest part. Panning down the handset from top to toe, the X3-02 narrows towards its tapering bottom end. The screen area is certain pride of place, with four silky keys below (messaging, call, music & end), & the matted numeric keys below that. Point to memo is that the numeric keys take a bit of getting used to. To their credit, they're large, well raised & simply apparent, however, the '0', '*' & '+' keys don't sit beneath the numbers as one may expect, as an alternative, they line up on the right-hand side. As mention, the keypad's 4x4 layout isn't standard. The keys still feel good quality in the touch with a pleasing click, & interact adequately with the touch screen soft keys on the bottom part on the screen. Remain panning below the keys & you make a grill that garnishes the loud speaker.
The sides of the Nokia X3 Touch & Type

Flip the phone on its back & ease is the name without the game. With a two-tone finish, in the plastic part from the body is gun metal type silver, Though the aluminium back cover has a darker brushed metal look. On top of the battery, cover is the 5MP camera, with a Nokia insignia & a model number stand-in as subtle decoration on & below the battery cover.

The Nokia X3 Touch & Type has 5MP camera & aluminium back cover at the back.

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