Causes of cell phone addiction

Want to know the facts about cell phone addiction

To be really addicted as I will describe, here will be that the exploit is a recurring impulse by an individual to connect in some precise activity. Cell Phone addiction as we see now is occurrence everywhere. Everybody is using the cell phone as their means of connecting to the world, to play games, to watch videos, to listen to music & even for some, to use as an alarm clock!

And there are frequent forms of dependency to human as we distinguish of (as of other addictions):

1) Physical dependency
2) Psychological dependency

Causes includes
1) Genetics
2) Biological/Pharmacological
3) Social factors
So far in the case of cell phone addictions, inflexible facts are familiar as such:

Symptoms are:
1) Some People feel uncomfortable without their CellPhones
2) CellPhones are very essential to them (to the point of a necessitate)
3) Need to talk insatiably
4) CellPhone bills stress them up
5) Begin having problems at school & work due to constant usage
6) Interpersonal problems (becomes disorderly & isolated)
7) High levels of lack of confidence
8) Endanger health (long period of exposure to unsafe electromagnetic waves & when driving)

Worst situations:
1) Hallucination (phantom ringing sound of the phone, when it is really not)

2) Tremendous anxiety if the phone is taken from them or when there are no exposure in the area

cell phone addiction studies

The problems brought about may be:
1) Young addicts use up so much time that they fail at school & drop out.

2) Turning to transgression to pay bills (that run up to thousands)

3) Mental breakdown

4) Death

When commented on

"Psychiatrists say mobile phone addiction is an obsessive habitual disorder which looks set to turn into one of the biggest none drug addictions in the 21st century." Cell phone addictions will only degenerate & become more well-known as people gain in affluence & are capable of purchase more cell phones. We should be taught to control our usage & not be controlled by the gadget itself, simply then will we improve & gain from acquire such as equipments to progress towards our lives. Cell phone addictions can be countered.

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