Private numbers on cell phones

What Secrets Can Your Cell Phone Reveal? Don't Keep Secrets On Cell Phone

I've just read this on Yahoo's news precisely share this one guy. I'm almost shocked about this one...

Consumers with modern mobile phones may be shocked to find how easily the sensitive, even embarrassing, information stored in their cell phones can be accessed.

WASHINGTON - Don't tell your cell phone any secrets. It might not keep them. Second-hand phones purchased over the Internet surrendered credit card numbers and bank account passwords, business secrets and even evidence of adultery.

The other phones contained:

One company's plans to win a multimillion-dollar federal transportation contract.

E-mails about another firm's $50,000 payment for a software license.

Bank accounts and passwords.

Details of prescriptions and receipts for one worker's utility payments.

The recovered information was equal to 27,000 pages — a stack of printouts 8 feet high.

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