Cell Phone Viruses

Mobile viruses: more infectious and deadlier

In spite of some false alarms, cell phone viruses have reached outbreak levels with only 200 viruses compared with a number of 190,000 computer ones. However, when they start arriving in numbers that can be deadlier and spread even faster because of the way we use these devices. And with Bluetooth wireless technology, such as this mobile virus will infect not only able to connect, but also proximity - just like biological viruses.

The impact of mobile phone viruses may be more severe as the mobile phone is much more "is always with us" communication device than a computer. Imagine that hundreds of unwanted hassle to download ring tones, or even worse - call to place your name on first-rate numbers or bank IVR SYS.

Business Week
Mobile Viruses: If not at the present, soon to publish a topical Blackberry virus threat has been averted, and advocate that it is merely a matter of when, not if, mobile viruses will begin to appear in significant quantities. They also suggest that these viruses will be easier proliferating to their PC counterparts.

Mobile virus epidemics: Do not panic, two very important points:

First, the ability of viruses to infect mobile phones in the vicinity through technology such as Bluetooth.

Second key "turning point" in the growth of mobile viruses, that when an enough mobile phone with the system of one dominant operating system like Windows Mobile, rather than the current mix of mobile operating systems, which also includes the PalmSource Palm OS, RIM Blackberry and Symbian OS.

The main difference between the iPhone and the Nokia N97 is the fact that Apple iPhone is designed with the absence of the keyboard, while, on the other hand, the Nokia N97 has been designed with an added touch feature on the device keyboard. It has a profound impact on user experience and above all iPhones doing better than the Nokia N97.

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