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Apple iPhone 4: Guide to install Flash plugin by Frash

Iphone 4 apples have always been the focus of public and media in general, because of reception problems experienced by some users and not support the Flash plug in from Adobe, still very much used in many Web sites.

Thanks to jailbreak and application made ​​on the occasion; it is now possible to install Flash on the iPhone 4.

Many users have not digested the choice of Steve Jobs not to include support for Adobe Flash on mobile device's iPhone and iPad. The reason behind the choice of Jobs regards the stability and security IOS. In fact, according to the charismatic CEO of Apple, Adobe Flash suffers from several problems of instability and security.

To begin installing the plug in Flash to iPhone 4 is necessary that the terminal has the jailbreak, or it will not proceed with the installation. The internet downloads of the file and copies it into memory Frash.deb iPhone 4.

If you use a Mac, then you can copy the file with the program NetTalk, but if your PC's operating system is Windows, then you must use the programs OpenSSH and WinSCP to access the internal memory of the iPhone 4.

Once you have received access to the internal memory, enter the path "" / var / root / Media ", created the Cydia folder, create another inside it and calling it' AutoInstall ", and then copy the Flash file. deb in the latter.

The editors assume no responsibility on all the possible uses of this guide.

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