iPhone OS 4 Jailbreak

Jailbreak Guide: free up space on iPhone with iPhone OS 4

The developers have made ​​BiteYourApple FreeMyiPhone, a script in a few easy steps you can free up 30% of the memory 'of the iPhone and' iPad after it ran the jailbreak.

By performing the jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 with software developed by Comex, about 80% of the flash memory of the ' iPhone was occupied by system files, and using the new script with BiteYourApple can be cleaned a very precise and secure memory.

In particular, the script takes care of deleting file's daemon, do not use keyboards, links to internal and hidden folders; the list of carriers is not used, files related to the Voice Control.

To enable the script FreeMyiPhone simply launch Cydia, select the "Manage" and select "Sources". Press the button "Edit", "Add" and enter the following web address: http://biteyourapple.com/fmi. Open the "search" in Cydia and download MobileTerminal and FreeMyiPhone.

Start MobileTerminal and enter the following commands: cd / var / mobile to root, alpine, fmi.sh chmod 775. / Fmi.sh. Answer the questions on how to delete unused files and at the end of the procedure, restart the terminal to make the changes effective.

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