Nokia N8 Features

Some allow calls to numbers on Nokia N8, Part 2

In this mini-guide explains the second part of the useful procedure to allow calls only to certain numbers on Nokia N8. This limitation can be useful if, for example, you want your child to do calls only to family.


Step 3. To activate dialing numbers, select Options> Activate fixed dialing and enter the PIN2 code.

Step 4. After these three steps, to select the persons to whom the calls are allowed must go to Options> New SIM contact and enter the PIN2 code. Then just enter the name and telephone number of recipients allowed. Select Done.

You can also add to the list of these numbers for a contact, selecting "Add to Address Book" and then the desired tab.

Please note: to send text messages when in the fixed dialing service, you must add the SMS service center number to the list of established dialing numbers.

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