Samsung Music

Error opening the music files in Samsung Wave Pro

In this article, we give you the information when error messages appear when you open music files on your mobile phone Samsung Wave Pro .

The media management is often a source of endless problems because of the compatibility of the file, the DRM restrictions, the type of acquisition of the source.

The first step that eliminates at least 70% of the errors, is whether our device correctly supports the type of file we are trying to play.

Specifically, Samsung Wave Pro supports MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, MIDI, WAV;

Other files can be played on special applications.

If you receive error messages when you open the music files on your device, try:

  • Make sure your phone supports the type of file.
  • Free up memory by transferring files to a PC or deleting them.
  • Make sure the music file is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). If so, make sure you have the right license or key to play the file.

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