How to avoid roaming charges

Avoid Charges Unsolicited Phone for Data Connections
If you have a phone and have been victims of data connections that have resulted in unwanted charges to phone bills (or if you simply want to avoid becoming one), it will be useful for you to read the following article.

BACKGROUND: The internet connection is simply a transfer of packet data, which occurs via the 2G (EDGE, GPRS), 3G (UMTS, HSPA) and 4G (WiMAX, LTE). The mobile operators charge customers according to kb downloaded and rates are usually flat (recommended, because at least you already know how much you spend, regardless of the duration of the connection) or consumption (the amount depends on the kb download).

IF YOU REALLY HAPPENED: Not knowing what would happen, out of curiosity one day I pressed the button Software Update on my Nokia 6300. It 'started a data link. Not knowing how to end the connection, I went to play it safe by turning off the phone noting (with supreme surprise) a charge of 10 dollar well, the next day the customer service phone 190. The operator says that the charge corresponds to a data connection for a period of more than 6,000 seconds.

I have no idea where they are blown out of the 6,000 seconds of connection, the only explanation is that, despite the power cycle, the phone; the connection was dropped (and here it is also having a eulogy to my phone, which does not have even reported that it was in data connection. Of course, I am sarcastic ...).

TIP: To avoid unwanted connections, enter the configuration of the phone and delete any kind of default connection. So is it safe: If there are no parameters in the data connection, it is impossible that it could trigger.

FATEVI crafty: when buying a cell phone, check that it has the Wi-Fi. To connect to the internet, in fact, this type of connection is recommended because it is free and faster (transmits up to 100 Mbps) compared to the 3G data connection. The only limitation of the Wi-Fi is that there must be a hot spot to connect.

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