Nokia e71 voip

Nokia E71: Create a profile for VoIP Calls

In this mini-guide will explain how to create a profile for VoIP calls via the Internet with your Nokia E71.

Before you can make calls over the Internet, you must create a profile for this type of call by following these steps:

1. Select Menu> Tools> Settings.> Connection> Settings. SIP> Options> New SIP profile, and enter the required information. To automatically connect to the net call service, select Registration> Always on.

2. Select Back until you return to the Connection settings' main view.

3. Select Phone Internet> Options> New profile. Type a name for your profile and select the SIP profile you just created.

To manually connect to the net call service, select Registration> When needed in the SIP settings when creating a profile for net calls.

To secure net calls, contact your service provider to obtain the appropriate settings. The proxy server selected for the net call profile must support secure net calls; protected ones are marked with the icon.

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