Restriction code for nokia

Cheats and Codes Nokia 6630

1. Restore Defaults

To reset, the phone with the default settings you can act in two ways:

  • Normal Reset (* # 7780 #), restores the ini file and the rom does not erase the data in the internal memory.
  • Deep Reset (* # 7370 #), full format and restore the default file erasing all data and programs of internal memory.
After typing the code to reset the Nokia 6630 will ask for the 'security code'. If you have not changed the default security code is 12345.
Warning! Perform only those operations on the battery is fully.

2. Recovery program's Nokia

To restore the reinstalled software from Nokia must have previously made a backup. If you forgot to do it, or you have lost it, please click here and download the zip file (1.5 MB) that contains all the programs and folders.

Once unzipped the zip file and after viewing the file system and hidden on your PC, copy all the files on your player via RS-MMC memory card (you cannot use PC Suite to back up with the above . zip file)

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