Symbian series 60

Reset on Symbian Series 60

These procedures allow you to reset all the Nokia Series 60.

Normal Reset

Code * # 7780 #

This code resets all settings without touching the files in memory. And 'option present in the same instruments and restores the initial settings.

This reset resets the customization options, but does not touch the memory.

Deep Reset

Code * # 7370 #

This code, unlike the previous, also clears the memory on your phone.

Hard Reset

This procedure is used in case of errors in the operating system and ignition failure or immediate shutdown. Reset interametne the data, both internal and external.

A phone off, hold down the button to answer call, asterisk and the number of three buttons. Always keeping them pressed, turn on the phone until the appearance of words Formatting (or in some models appear the usual start screen Nokia)

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