The new iPhone 5 opts for speed and finesse.

The new Apple smartphone will be compatible with 4G. Very similar in design to the front and 4S versions, the iPhone 5 is all glass and aluminum, thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Pricing starts at $ 199 with subscription and grant the operator.

Long Sentence afraid of superlatives, a worthy successor to Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, the CEO of the firm at the apple, alongside Phil Schiller, the marketing director, announced Wednesday the highly anticipated iPhone 5, presented as "the smartphone the world's thinnest "with 7.6 mm thick, 18% thinner than its predecessor, the 4S, when his rival, Samsung Galaxy SIII peak at 8.6 mm. For the initial time since the first version in 2007, the iPhone screen is larger, amounting to 4-inch (10 cm) against 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) for the 4S, but not so much SIII its competitor (4.8 inches), because the idea is that it takes in hand. This larger screen is better suited for watching videos, close 16/9, games, and can also now take pictures in panorama mode. "Made entirely of glass and aluminum, this is the best product we've ever done" boasted Phil Schiller.

Compatible with the 4G
The other big news is that the iPhone 5 will be faster as matching with 4G, mobile broadband: the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom at Everything Everywhere (the first UK operator, resulting from the merger of Orange and Deutsche Telekom). However, it is not confirmed at this stage it is compatible with the 4G frequency bands used in France ... Side of the battery, Apple has made improvements still: even surfing in 4G, strong consumer battery, the firm at the apple promises eight hours of navigation. According to rumors circulating in recent weeks, Apple has decided to change the cable connector, thinner than the previous, used since 2003, the new model is called Lightning (lightning).

From $ 199 with two-year subscription
On the price side, Apple is on the grid earlier versions; the iPhone will be sold from $ 199 for the version with 16 GB of memory, with funding from the operator and a two-year subscription. The 32GB model will be sold at $ 299 and the 64GB at $ 399. Logically, the price decline of older versions: the 4S will drop to $ 99 (with subscription and grant), and the iPhone 4 came out two years ago will be "free" (by purchasing a package). The iPhone 5 will be available for the pre-order on Friday and in-store on September 21 as expected, in nine countries, including France, then in 100 countries and 240 operators from 28 September.

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