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Bluetooth Or Usb Cable - Which one is best to connect the phone?

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a proprietary unwrap wireless technology typical for exchange data over short distance (via short-wavelength radio transmission) as of fixed and mobile devices, create personal area networks (PANs) with sky-scraping levels of security. Produced by telecoms vendor Ericsson in the year 1994, it was formerly conceived as a wireless substitute to RS-232 data cables. It can connect a number of devices, overcome problems of synchronization. Nowadays, Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

What is USB?
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a measure of the communication linking devices and controller host (frequently a computer (PC) personnel), while driving the company Intel. USB is effectively replaced a large number of interfaces such as serial and parallel ports.

Which one is best to connect the phone?

Bluetooth or USB Cable.

Fine I am using Bluetoot just about all the time even though I have USB data cable though subsequently, I have to obtain it out of box and attach it and if someone calls me, I have to be then to computer all the instance, and I have a preference to sit back in my chair or even walk around room. So yes these are reasoned why I use Bluetooth as an alternative of USB(Universal Serial Bus) data cable.

I am not certain on the speeds, and I am too idle to go and take to seem which one is faster, but I am convinced in this Bluetooth is more realistic in more ways then one.

  • You can move about without limitations in normal size room.
  • No require for physical connection involving computer and bluetooth
  • You can use Bluetooth to hook up your phone to different devices not only computer
  • I utilize also Bluetooth for remote control of my computer when I sat down to watch a movie.
Bluetooth or USB, sound like my choice is USB, previously you connected the phone via usb , it nearly becomes a small edge on your desktop PC or laptop, so you can just copy, cut and paste all the stuff you need, we as Bluetooth you have got to choose each item to separately and wait until the download is competed on your phone. So my alternative is always the USB.

Bluetooth…Faster, Easier.

Via the USB cable and it was a confusion, A lot of times I couldn’t even set up connection until I lost my cable (read - my daughter misplaced it somewhere untraceable) then I bought Bluetooth adapter for my computer; all my connection problems ended. So all I can say is:
Bluetooth... EASIER... FASTER...

By USB would be excellent compared to Bluetooth because you wouldn't have to fret about combination, the time-consuming speed of Bluetooth 1.1, and hey, your previously at your computer. On the other side, Bluetooth is enormous with wireless capability and not having to hunt for a USB cable. Bluetooth 2.0 is apparently a good multiple time quicker than the 1.1 standard, but there are not a lot of phones that use 2.0...

Depend on size of file you wish for to transfer if size is the 1-10mb use Bluetooth.
If size is over 10MB utilize cable it will go faster.
Hope I helped you.

In my opinion, I use Bluetooth because I save only music to my phone.

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