Best camera mobile phones

Want to Know the Best Camera Mobile Phones?

8-mega pixel cam-phones have developed into the average and leaders manufacturers are now battling it out in the 12-mega pixel arena. Our short-listed camera phones show off as a lot of mega pixels as professional SLR cameras and point-and-shoots, so we’ve rated how they stack up in terms of speed and handling. In truth, we even graded them next to full featured, keen cameras, and Samsung’s Pixon 12 stand head and shoulders over the rest.

The world’s 1st 12-megapixel camera phone won, not because of its whopping number of mega pixels, but because it rocked approximately the complete package. With an enormous camera feel, best image quality, and powerful action, macro and flash features, the Samsung Pixon 12 soars greater than the competition. A huge, handy companion to capture those valuable moments on the go — it may not be a pro yet in terms of zoom and low light no flash, but it’s an adequate little camera novice.


With its 12-mega pixel lens, the Pixon 12 is certainly ahead of the other phones in this area – but not as a great deal as one would assume. It captures more features on remote objects, but there was at a standstill pixelation.

ZOOM (2/5)
The camera zooms in, to a certain extent, a bit, but you end up with an earsplitting and grainy image.

ACTION (4/5)
The camera was one of the best ever, but Samsung could work on the action liberate speed to make it even more specific.
MACRO (5/5)
In spite of being only millimeters away from my tasty food, the shot came out sharp – even exclusive of the flash.

The camera showing the candle properly – but the whole thing else got totally lost in the dark.

First-class! The shot is satisfactorily lit – skin colour looks natural; the sound is low, and you can even see a tip-off of the surrounding lights in the background.


LG’s flagship camera phone is an 8-mega pixel lonster; whose matchless feature is its ‘smart’ camera settings - circle it on, and the phone will mechanically adjust its ISO and exposure settings for optimum picture captivating terrific navigation, a realistic macro feature and acceptable low light flash mode, check? Other than we couldn’t moderately overlook the Viewty Smart’s disappointing prowess at achievement shots and its ill-timed handling.


We were certain by this 8-mega pixel camera phone’s blueprint prowess at action shots, but its little light performance and macro features left it trailing behind the competition still a well-built player generally camera-phone market conversely.


Nokia’s 1st 8-mega pixel snapper is a very strong challenger. If it was not cursory dated feel of the navigation and the less pleasing image quality and macro options, it could well have been the leader of the quantity. The exploit shoot quality, the flash and the all-purpose handling are certainly top-notch for such a little camera.

In the finale, upon lettering this article, camera phones load up when it comes to speeding and handling, but can they actually take on correspondingly mega pixelled DSLRs when it comes to imaging quality? Sound, pixelation is immobile a big problem – with the LG Viewty Smart being the one with the mainly room for upgrading. Have tons of mega pixels doesn’t automatically mean a crisp photo; mobile phone image sensors are silent too low quality to deliver actually fine, sharp images. Nevertheless, in the future, who could know?

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