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Hacker Leaves Norton Man With $26,000 Phone Bill

Jack Nicolas received a $27,000 phone bill last November. And Most of the charges were for overseas calls he didn't make. See that's what gets me about technology today you know, that people will do that to others because they can. I mean. Why do you need to call overseas so much?

AT&T knew what was going when the bill was so high, so they just waived their part in the bill for Jack but Verizon wireless said they couldn't do that because the situation was "out of our control" so they want their $14,000 from Nicolas.

Jack's lawyer Doug Dufault supposed this regarding the whole torment, "Well, you've got a small-business proprietor that is fundamentally being extorted by a large business." I consider his words ring true appealing much, and he said two there people in Jack's neighborhood had parallel problems with Verizon.

I hate people that do this kind of acts, of illegal acts, of kid's acts.

Personally, I think the Phreacker should go to prison, if he gets catch, of course, but then, paraphs he or she made this for revenge, perhaps a personal vendetta, I don't know.

One more thing, please, Gondero Werkus, don't give hackers a bad name, hackers are the good guys; the crackers and phreackers are the ones that do this kind of illegal and stupid actions; hackers don't, perhaps you should look/find for the meaning of the word hacker on the internet or an e-book; this day's people are more informed, so please don't relate hackers to this kind of awful actions ok?

Most likely personal, someone had no clue how easy this is to do. Especially if you know the person or have been inside the store and can see they have a wireless phone. Just sit in your car and call from the same model phone. Alternatively, do it the old-fashioned way with a beige box and wire cutters.

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