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Wave Pro Samsung: Samsung Apps service

In this mini-guide will tell you how to activate the service in this Apps Samsung Samsung Wave Pro . (Details: Specifications of Samsung Wave Pro).

Samsung Apps is a service that allows you to easily download many applications directly to your device via the Samsung App Store.

Just like the Android and iPhone, Samsung has created its own App Store that allows you to download all applications are compatible with your device, displaying only those actually working.

Access to Samsung Apps is really quite simple:

1. In Menu mode, select Samsung Apps.

2. Search and download applications or widgets that you desire.

If you do not have the preset menu, you can download the application direct access as a normal application.

Some useful information:

  • To use this service, the device must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • If the widget bar is full, those are not added automatically downloaded to the bar. You have to remove some widgets from the bar and then manually add new ones.
  • The service can be more or less available depending on country or service provider.

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