Reject Calls

Automatic rejection of calls in Samsung Wave Pro

In this mini-guide will tell you how to set the automatic rejection in your Samsung Wave Pro. (Details: Specifications of Samsung Wave Pro).

Automatic rejection just too automatically rejected calls from certain numbers that can be set according to different filters.

Filters can work according to the prefix, number and type of other options that can automatically filter incoming numbers.

By that rationale, you can automatically reject all calls, and use your cell phone only to receive messages.

To activate the automatic rejection and situate the reject listing, follow the instructions below:

1. In the Main Menu, select Settings>; Applications>; Call>; AllCalls>; AutoReject.

2. Select Create.

3. If you need to select an option in the Match criteria.

4. Choose the number entry field; input a number to select saved and rejects.

5. Choose the boxes subsequently to the numbers.

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